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I. Articles from 2001 to 2013

The Story of Atlas The Spirit of the Age Philosophy and Depression Wealth Through The Eyes Of Sages Wealth Through The Eyes Of Sages (II)

A Free Man's Worship (By Bertrand Russell) J.S. Mill's Principle Of Intellectual Humility Depression And The Threat Of Nonbeing The Spirit of Terrorism (by Jean Baudrillard) Passages On War

Theories Of A Just War McLuhan's Insight Into The Media Forbidden Fruit Far Away From It All Plato And The Theory Of Forms

The Quest For Knowledge In An Indifferent World On The Shortness Of Life The Wit Of Dorothy Parker On Separation And The Ephemera Of Existence The Other Martin Luther King Jr.

Whitehead's Observations On Religion Impertinent Questions Intriguing Doctrines And Terms The Law Of The Notorious Despot, Time The Insights Of J. Krishnamurti

Creeds To Remember Theories Of Mind-Body Interaction That Oppressed Minority Two Attitudes Toward Nature Some Thoughts On Certainty

Yearning To Be Seen And Heard Today Philosophical Poems On The Vanity & Suffering Of Life An Odd Theory Of Human Identity Whose Side Is "God" On?

Remembering Adam Smith Kahlil Gibran's Prophet Insights In The Middle Of Night Emerson On Friendship Beliefs And Doubts

Fallacies Peculiar To Political Discussions Death Scenarios Men And Women When Books Are Mere Products Einstein On Life, Politics & War

How One Man Celebrates Christmas If We Were Free, Really Free... Three Poems About America A Certain Suspicion Before Death Walt Whitman's Rebuke

Extroversion & Happiness The Berlin Wall Phase Of The War Spectacle The Search For Meaning In A Virtual World Tolstoy On Life, Death And Religious Belief The Gadarene Swine Fallacy

Who's Mad & Who Isn't? Does The Spirit Wrestle With The Flesh Anymore? Durant's On The Meaning Of Life Society Without Opposition Huxley, Orwell & Television

Voltaire's Story Of The Good Brahmin The Paltriness Of The Normal Human Intellect The Meaning Of The Word "Right" John Dewey's Criticism Of Modern Society An Old, Tricky Question

"Affluenza" The Nobler Ends Of Education Steppenwolf's Lament The Performative Contradiction Authoritative Misinformation

Fettering The Collective Spirit "The Geography Of Nowhere" Skepticism Instances Of Sophistical Thinking Discontent Amidst Opulence

TV Epistemology A Diagnosis Of Our Time Schopenhauer's Wit & Wisdom The Problem Of Unbelief A Tale of Two Moralities

Pseudo-Events & Extravagances What 'Being Relative' Means An Existential View Of Loneliness Heraclitus' Fragments How Philosophers Have Viewed Fame

Reality As The "Perfect Crime" A Choice Of Two Lives Nietzsche On The Need To Be Alone Our Mediated Life McLuhan's Philosophy

Positivity The Healthy-Minded & Sick Soul Passages From Thomas de Zengotita's Mediated Media Files Making Sense Of MeWorld

The Platonic Conception Of Philosophy Santayana's Criticism Of Nietzsche Homo Consumens (Excerpts from the work of Erich Fromm) Men Of Words How Prominent Scientists Approached Religion

"Crazy Talk, Stupid Talk" (Excerpt from Neil Postman's book) Carl Jung's "Stages Of Life" Love & Its Disintegration Media Hypotheses Baudrillard's Thoughts On Media

Adler's Portrait Of The Vain Individual Camus' Insight Into Adversity Conversational Narcissism The Character Of Modern Life On The Passing Of Jean Baudrillard (by Tim Ruggiero)

Glimpses Into Our Age The Wit As Personality Type Our Virtually Real Existence Montesquieu's Letter On Conceited Talkers "The Real Vanishes Into The Concept"

Something In The Deep Night Of Ourselves The Crowd Is Untruth The Culture Of The Inhuman "Sealed Away From Others" Ontological Security

The Two Views Of Life On Being Oneself Buber's I-Thou Insight Boredom In The Modern Age Under The Gaze Of Others

The Hypothesis Science Shuns "The Most Ridiculous Particle" The Importance Of Loafing The Limits Of Language The Overadjusted Person

Philosophers' Role In Society The Trouble With Irony

II. Articles from 2013 to 2021

An Astronomer’s Take On God Losing One’s Sense Of Belonging On The Value Of Privacy Rules Of Influence A Deep, Lasting Defeatism Of The Real

Hegel’s View Of Dissent Male-Female Relations Where The World Is Headed A CEO’s Confession Renouncing One’s Autonomy

Our Virtually Real Existence, Part 2 A Few Thoughts On Human Malice Einstein’s Spiritual Insight Handling Life’s Difficulties Situated Identities

Recent Research On Loneliness Notes On Culture The Perfection Of Non-Existence The Felt Contact Of Things “Nothing, Really”

The Already-Dead A Novelist’s Take On Modern Life The Art Of Doing Nothing At All Two Kinds Of Religion Being Indifferent

Distance From Praxis General Equivalence The Insolent Sage

III. Articles from 2021 to Present

The Psychopathic Personality The Counterrevolution