About The Editor

Tim Ruggiero is a writer, editor, investor, and lifelong student of philosophy. He was educated at Delaware Academy in New York, St. Joseph's University, Johns Hopkins University, and the Alliance Francaise school in Philadelphia. For over 15 years he worked as a writer and editor for a trade publishing company, having edited three business publications and four books. Articles of his have been published in the International Journal of Baudrillard Studies, SGI Quarterly, and Journal of Communicaton Distribution. Articles Ruggiero’s either written or edited have been referenced by the Institute of Cognitive Science at the University of Osnabrueck in Germany, by the journal Philosophy of the Social Sciences, and by numerous other organizations and publications including the Guardian, the Washington Post, Discover, the New World Encyclopedia, Wikipedia, Reddit, and

A 6-year academic correspondence with one of his early mentors inspired the creation of Philosophical The website has attracted the attention of elite institutions around the world, from the Aspen Institute and Cambridge University to Heinrich Heine University, McGraw-Hill Higher Education, and Stanford University. The website has been referenced in numerous books and periodicals, made Wired Magazine's "Hottest Web Links" list, and earned a mention on Cambridge University's "Ideas for Wider Reading" syllabus in 2012.

Among Ruggiero’s many enthusiasms are tennis (ranked junior player and later professional teacher), Tae Kwon Do (black belt), and investing (with successes achieved over a 25-year span).

Ruggiero’s work has been mentioned in The Guardian, the Washington Post, the New World Encyclopedia, Philosophy Now, Wikipedia, and Reddit. It has also been cited in scholarly papers.