Soren Kierkegaard

The Concept Of Dread

"[Anxiety] is a desire for what one dreads, a sympathetic antipathy. Anxiety is an alien power which lays hold of an individual, and yet one cannot tear oneself away, nor has a will to do so; for one fears, but what one fears one desires. Anxiety then makes the individual impotent."

The Journals

"The majority of men are subjective towards themselves and objective towards all others, terribly objective sometimes -- but the real task is in fact to be objective towards oneself and subjective towards all others."

The Journals

"Life in the animal world is so easy to understand, so simple -- because the animal has the advantage over men that it is not able to talk. In that realm of existence the only thing that speaks is its life, its actions."

The Journals

"If people insist on calling my crumbs of wisdom sophistry I should just like to draw their attention to the fact that it lacks at least one of the characteristics, according to the definitions of both Plato and Aristotle: that one earns money with it."